Our Vision for Oxford, PA through Redemption Community Church

Redemption Community exists because we believe God wants to make a difference in every part of every day life! In short, we exist to redeem every area of life and culture for God’s glory and others’ good.

What we mean by that is that where there is brokenness and hurt, by God’s grace we aim to bring life. We aim to bring the Kingdom of God to interact in the midst of darkness. We believe Jesus brings light and life in to dark places. We know that’s true because he is transforming our lives, day by day.

We trust that as we live our lives for God’s glory in the everyday mundane parts of life, where we live, work and play, that God is going to work and bring life where there is death. He’ll bring hope where there is hopelessness. He bring light where there is darkness.

We believe Oxford, PA and the world will ultimately be transformed in the mundane moments of life. By God’s grace, we desire to be his ambassadors (2 Cor. 5:20), to represent him and invite others to know the truth of the Gospel and experience lives transformed by the person and work of Jesus.