What is a Missional Community?

A missional community is a group of people who share life together to better understand how to follow Jesus, encourage one another, and serve the community. These groups meet during the week to share various rhythms of life. In short, a missional community lives like extended family.

What happens in a Missional Community?

Here’s a quick summary. Each week MC’s meet together to study the Bible to better understand how it applies to life and how we should respond to God. MC’s also share a meal together each week. Once a month MC’s serve in the Oxford area to bring light and life into the community. Finally, once a month MC’s plan a fun activity to share together.

Visit our Facebook page to find out meeting times for Missional Communites.

Why Missional Community?

We believe life transformation happens when we walk together, not primarily by sitting and listening to a sermon. We love sermons, but we know the way in which we work out our faith is by sharing life together. MC’s are like family. They’re people who have agreed to love God, love one another and serve Oxford. MC’s strive to carry the truth of the Gospel into every area of life where they live, work and play. MC’s eat together, celebrate together, serve together, laugh together, care for one another and aim to demonstrate God’s great grace through life together.

You might ask, “Do I have to be a Christian to attend a MC?” Absolutely not. MC’s are great places for you to build relationships and learn more about the good news of Jesus.

Have Questions or Interested in Joining a Missional Community?

Please take a moment to send us your information and we’ll get in contact with you to answer your questions or help you get connected with a Missional Community!